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Las Vegas's Dominatrix the Priestess Payzly Paine's. BDSM and Fetish Expert Home Page

the Priestess Payzly Paine

I am a Professional Dominatrix here in Las Vegas. I practice BDSM and FemDom here in My home where I have a Private DUNGEON, "the LiL' Neon Dungeon"

I believe there is an artistry to BDSM. A good Dominatrix is more than a bitch with a whip. There is a skill set that one must obtain to become a proficient Mistress and furthermore She must possess a certain innate knowledge that cannot be learned.

She must have the confidence and ability to guide Her submissive to a place where inhibition does not interfere with carnal inclinations and the expertise to safely bring one there. I am an expert in these techniques, My skills are a direct result of experience, research, and practice. I am often told, that they are beyond compare.

I use many methods to elicit sensation, impact play, sensory deprivation, electro-stim, sounding, rope-bondage, humiliation, fantasy role-play, and of course pain. All of these things, whether physical or mental, when administered in a timely fashion at the hands of an intuitive Mistress are merely tools used to increase the intensity of your experience and nothing to fear.

I practice most all Femdom activities here in My fully equipped, private dungeon. Specializing in Strap-On (Pegging), Bondage, Fetish Exploration, and Custom Fantasy Role-playing.

Experienced in role-play of almost every type, I particularly enjoy forced scenarios (consensual only). I create, facilitate, and bring to life your dark and dirty fantasies, your most secret desires can be realized.

My passion is BDSM, I love what I do. It doesn't matter to Me if you are a newbie who just wants to explore a little, or a seasoned submissive who knows what he needs, each session is intimate, and personal. You will be thrilled to serve Me.

If you are ready for something more than the usual and ordinary BDSM encounter. If what you seek is a new and exceptional experience and if you envision a sexy, authoritative Dominatrix, a sensual Mistress, a skillful administer of pain and pleasure, one who will delight in pushing you ever closer to the threshold of your limits...you have finally arrived.

Las Vegas Dominatrix, the Priestess Payzly Paine, specializes in femdom, and strap-on, (pegging.) She is both a Pro-domme, and Lifestyle Mistress. The Priestess Payzly Paine indulges in most femdom activities such as consensual slave-training, fantasy role-play, rope bondage, leather bondage, tease and denial, sensory deprivation, strap on, CBT, humiliation, feminization, water-sports, G/S, diaper discipline, adult/baby, foot worship, body worship, face sitting, queening, trampling, tickling, wrestling, medical play, sounding, electro-stim, spanking, caning, flogging, face slapping, spitting, public exhibitionism, and most fetishes in her private, fully-equipped dungeon